Thursday, August 8, 2013


Today, my dear friend and roommate Keith is celebrating his 50th birthday. So for a year now, I've been thinking of all the things I could buy, which totaled to a very short list, as I am a real starving and struggling actor.
When it comes to gifts, I could go for a DVD, an Amazon card, a CD maybe... A dildo, but then again how to choose the right size, it's delicate, this type of item has no return policy, so I decided to keep thinking.
What is it that would make it unique, special, and priceless. PRICELESS is the word everyone likes when it comes to a gift.
Now, I might be poor, meaning I've got no money.... But I'm the richest person on earth when it comes to creativity. My mind never stops, I sleep very little every night, and spend hours thinking about what I could do to make life a better life.
Back in January, Keith noticed that I was getting better at playing the guitar, since I was practicing for my feature film SNOW. I was playing Lola from the movie, when I joked about learning and playing "Don't stop believing" from Journey and play the song for his birthday.
I looked online and found chords, youtube tutorials, covers by all kind of singers, but I was too busy and put the song on the backburner, as SNOW was my only priority at the time.
A few weeks ago, I realized we were approaching Keith's birthday. My finance are at the worst they've been in a long time, so forget about the DVD and other cheap items... No, I had to come up with a plan.
SNOW was finished end of July, and for it, I had to cut a trailer using Adobe Premiere Pro software to edit. While doing that, I realized I knew the program quite well, since for the past 3 years I spent countless hours sitting with my editor, watching him use the program.
AND THEN, it happened... I was looking on youtube at "Don't stop believing" performed by Journey and was really impressed by how high his voice was, and then, right there on the right, I see a cover by a very good singer who uses split screen and sings all the voices and instruments.
That was it.
I had found the GIFT, and I was gonna make a video.
Next thing you know, is find a title, paperwork, twitter, design title, and here we go.
A FRENCH GUY NAMED SABA celebrates life and birthdays around the world.
So when you don't know what to buy, or what to give, make something as simple as filming yourself delivering a beautiful message of love for life.