Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Password in my will?

2012, is for sure a year of technology for me, from the iPhone, to iPad, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and all the other social networks. Nowadays everyone ask me to log in, create a page and BAM! It's a new password. Of course I could do like an old friend of mine and use the same password for every site, but I guess I'm a bit paranoid and have managed to create new passwords for almost everything.
Now I have my cheat list at home, just in case I don't remember one, and even if I gave it to you, there's now way you could find the relationship. For example, let's say the password is BALEINESEAGUL44. I would write as a hint PinnocchioBird88...
Don't ask me why! Call me twisted, that's how my mind works.

The thing is this, I think I'm gonna die every single day of my life, it's not a dark thing, it's just a carpe diem type of thing. So I was thinking, what will happen to all these pages and profiles I have everywhere? Who's gonna delete them, or at least say that I'm dead? Shall I put a list of my passwords in my will?
I think, one of you who reads this and who's looking to make some money, should create
It would be a site where, you record all your login names and passwords, in a coded system, that could only be released once the family provides a death certificate. That way, you could choose someone to delete all your pages and things you don't want to leave on the internet forever. Like this blog for example.
Well, that's it for today, like me on facebook, follow me on twitter, share me on pinterest, and subscribe to my blog...This blog...Are you still reading?

Sunday, September 23, 2012


This morning, as I walked out of Acupuncture, I looked up and reminded myself how lucky I am to be in New York City...
As a child, raised in the South of France, New York was first and foremost "King Kong", and Woody Allen's "Manhattan". Heavy flows of cars and people, licking the grey feet of the tallest skyscrapers of the world.
The Ansonia, on the upper West side.
But after over 16 years in NYC, rare are the times where I actually look up and admire the elaborate and ambitious architecture.
When I go to Paris, I know I will find the same city I was in, 10 years ago. Even new constructions in France must be approved and follow a list of regulations that will discourage even the most creative architect. You need a permit to repaint your own door, to ensure you choose the color that matches your neighbor's house.
Here in NYC, no such things occur. Is it good? Or, is it bad? Not my place to say, but I can say that if NYC is so amazingly eclectic, it comes from the fact that everyone can do what they want.
You can have lunch inside a landmark building, while looking at a glass made building across the street. But that's what makes New York City so rich, and that's why we should look up and around us. Walk about the streets and see something new everyday.
If you don't do what you love, don't do it.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Born and raised in France, many of my memories are surrounded by smoke. Most people smoked around me, especially growing up in the 70's. It was 1982, when I smoked my first cigarette, and I was 10 years old. By 11, I was buying my own packs that I would keep hidden somewhere in town, with a lighter and a tube of toothpaste. By 17, I was smoking one pack a day, and at 21, when I actually stopped smoking, I was at 2 packs a day... How I did it? I don't know, but when you smoke, it seems every occasion is good to light up.
With my experience in smoking, and all the various plans I had to come up to get cigarettes as a teenager, I still got shocked, when a gorgeous 14 year old girl, grabbed an half smoked cigarette from the gutter and lit it with pride, as if to impress me.
For a few minutes I couldn't help thinking how sad this was, but eventually I remembered doing the same thing. I forget that I was raised in a small town and to see the same pattern in a city like New York, seems strange to me. What is it with smoking that can be so appealing? Even today, I can't really understand why I love it... I don't smoke anymore, except maybe once in a while, but if I knew it was not hazardous for my health, I would do it everyday.
The reason it is challenging for a smoker to stop, is because the effects on the body are slow and not as dramatic as if you start drugs or alcohol, where you get an instant buzz. Cigarettes are gently transforming your immune system, and most of it is irreversible, so smoking or non-smoking? I would say non-smoking for a better future.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tea and a show!

Today I traveled the world from China to France, and from New York City to Beirut!
My friend, Kerry Vaughn Miller, invited me to the Premiere of a show she's been directing for the past few weeks (From September 12th to the 29th). "Beirut", written by Alan Bowne, is a play about the AIDS epidemic at its early stage. When people didn't know how to handle it, both physically and mentally. No one knew how one could contract the virus, and how fast it would take over.
Luckily in the play, nothing is visually disgusting about it, and in fact, the show is a relief to the eyes. Both actors, Lynn Sher (Blue), and Esteban Benito (Torch), spend most of their time in their underwear attached to one another. The opening of the show was quite beautiful, as together with Torch, we slowly discover the small stage meant to represent a quarantine bedroom. Even though the writing is quite heavy at times, the two lead actors managed to carry the characters in a believable performance. Not sure about the accents they used, but I got used to them after a while. 
One thing you can do to help, if you can't attend any of the shows in the next two weeks, you may vote for them at and choose Beirut.
Before the show, I spent a few hours enjoying a "Dragon Pearl Jasmine Tea" from "Physical GraffiTea".
 Ilana, the owner and tea mistress, will tell you all about her teas and what should be used when and for what. The Dragon Pearl and I go way back when 10 years ago I discovered it at the headquarters of Harney and Sons in CT.
 Okay, it's a tiny place on 8th Street between 1st and Avenue A, and can seat up to 10 persons I think, but as you go see my friends show next door, a cup of tea is a must.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday morning!

For most of America, the early Sunday morning is sleeping, hangover, and church. For me, it's riding to NYC before 9AM to beat traffic, work on various projects on my computer, teach at 1PM, and usually return home mid-afternoon.
Today, I left Trenton at 6.57AM and had a peaceful ride on the turnpike. No traffic, cool weather and enough clouds to cover the usually blinding morning sun.
Got to NYC at 8.08 and got a hair cut at the Astor Place salon, and went to park the bike at Peridance.

I need to buy a book for my speech class, so I decided to check the Strand (Closed, but will open at 9.30AM) and Barbes & Noble (Closed as well, opens at 10AM everyday...). Okay, so I knew Max Brenner would open at 9 and I thought it would be the perfect place to wait for the Strand to open, while enjoying a hot chocolate.
As I wondered Union Square park, and the streets around, I was surprised by the amount of homeless people I saw. At first, it was one guy here, and another there, but as I crossed the park, every other bench had been a 5 stars bed for a homeless.
Further in the walk, I noticed a couple of cops talking to a man, in his underwear (Not the naked cowboy though...), and surrounded by three carts full of highly treasured possessions. A few steps away, another place arranged to accommodate a guy, two girls and a dog...Poor dog!
By now I was not counting anymore, but by memory, I would say that on a four blocks radius, I saw at least 30 homeless people. You might say, how do I know they were homeless? Apart from the filth covering their skin and the untidy hair-dos, large bags on their shoulders, and winter coats used as mattresses, many of them had signs asking for money. "Will do anything for money"...
I almost suggested to work, but they were sleeping so deep, I didn't want to disturb.
All, this, makes me realize even more, that, I might not make millions of dollars yet, but at least I can afford a hot chocolate and a cookie at Max Brenner (Almost $12...).

Is being homeless a choice? How does one become homeless? And to me the most important part, is I get the fact that you may loose your apartment, your job, your lover, but as long as you can walk around and work, I don't see how one would choose to stay homeless. Well, I can pray for them, and hope to never have to experience this.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Comfort and Immune system.

Sitting in a comfortable armchair, reading a great book, while playing some of my favorite songs, enjoying the plants that surround the sun room...That is what I would love to do now...
Unfortunately, since I've been working with my own film company, all I read, are scripts, I seat in uncomfortable coffee shop stools, I'm forced to listen to dreadful music, in the most obnoxious environment...
However, when I look at my life, I do see beautiful things. This year I accepted a job as a writer for Luludi Living Frame. I did study horticulture for 8 years, but that was 18 years ago, and suddenly being asked to write about gardening, plants, Feng Shui and interior design, has been a huge task and challenge. But today, I write my four postings a day and don't even struggle about it. When I began writing for the company, I spent hours online researching things I had forgotten, but my brain seems to retrieve all the things I learned and makes it easier, as each day passes.

Tuesday, I was helping at LULUDI, and as I was touching the soil of a composition I was creating, I realized that rare were the times I actually touched soil in the past 20 years. After I graduated from my last year of university, I spent my days dancing for years at a time and apart from planting flowers in Farmville, I haven't touched soil all that time.
Touching the ground, soil, earth, is probably the most healthy way to build up your immune system. Better then a vaccine, re-potting plants and trees, will contribute to a stronger health. Since my schedule doesn't allow me to take a lot of time off, I will plant compositions, any chance I get, to remind me that we are dust, and to dust we will return. 
Drink water and plant trees.

Monday, September 3, 2012


The word "friend" is misused constantly in our society. Ever since Facebook, I feel that friends are sort of a collection, and out of the over 900 friends I have, only few do I actually talk to and see on a regular basis.
A friend to me, is someone who I can ask anything, and we will figure out the answers together. Someone to get love, and support and criticisms, share moments, precious moments. Every so often, I feel like deleting certain people from my FB profile, but then I realize it wouldn't be nice to do so.
My roommate, Keith.R, is probably my closest friend. He's always supporting me, encouraging me, listening, helping and yet never really complains. It amazes me how generous and patient he is with me. Like this morning, when I told him that I needed him to photograph me in three different outfits for a casting. No problems...

I'm not an easy person to be with, I'm eccentric, exotic and different (I'm told...). At times, I can be needy and there's one thing about me that no one can miss, is that I speak my mind. Sometimes too fast, but I've gotta get it out...
Bill H, is of course another friend. He's also my mentor, teacher and partner in many projects. If it wasn't for Bill encouraging me in my acting, writing and directing, I would have gone back to France in 2007. But because he pushed me and showed me I could act, I'm still around and today I'm the director of a film company (Cloudy Sky Films). Week after week, Bill shows me through his passion for the business, that I can continue to do what I love.
Back in the "Saba Dance Theater" years, I met Lynn N., a dance student of mine, who was also a board member of the company, to eventually become a friend that still encourages me every week, takes my dance classes, and even assists me in every project I create with Cloudy Sky Films.
For the past two years, since I created the company, and made "Sherry's Kitchen", two persons became very close to me. More like cousins then parents, Chrissie and Chuck, are a very strong presence in my life. I know that I can present anything to them, and they will be game.
It's interesting, to know that any of these people, would jump out of bed to help me at any time of the day or night. They've grown to fill a huge space in my heart.
In addition to these friends, I have another dozen, that I love and feel strongly about, but over all, most of the people I know are more contacts than friends. I wish Facebook would change the word friend with "Contact", because I can tell you that some of the friends I have on FB, don't even know my phone number, where I live, what I like, and what I really look like.
Once again, I want to count my blessings and thank these people, who on a daily basis are encouraging me, loving me, pushing me and going with me along my crazy journey.
Thank you my friends.
Merci mes amis.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Doing my job!

Tuesday, I spent the entire day casting for the new short I'm producing, "Je T'aime, Jean". A script by my friend Kerry Vaughn Miller. It took Kerry, Grace and I, over two weeks of deliberations, to choose the 52 actors who auditioned for us, out of the 2000 submissions we had. All day I was amazed by the amount of talent we were seeing, but now and then... Someone would show up, without a headshot and resume, not really prepared for the role they were auditioning for, and I couldn't help wondering: "What the fudge are they thinking???"
Wednesday, I was at the pharmacy, because my left ear was clogged, and though I explained that to the two women "helping" me, they totally ignored me and directed me in a vague direction in the store. Luckily for me, I can read and found my drops.  Later during the day, I went to the bank to deposit a couple checks, and I knew the clerk always asks me if I want my balance, but not this time... No this time, I wanted my balance, but wasn't asked...
Thursday, I went to an audition for a voice over, and sat for 90 minutes waiting for the casting director to show up. No sign on the door, no one asked me what I wanted, I just waited, and auditioned when she was ready.
That's when I realized, once again, how much we take everything for granted. All these people have jobs they don't like, because "They're so much above it...", and they all want to be a star, being discovered while being unpleasant working at the pharmacy. But my motto is that if you don't like what you do...DON'T DO IT!!! They are ways to make your life better.
In the meantime, while I'm pursuing my career and would rather be acting all day for Spielberg and Scorsese,  I still make my own movies, and I work hours long on paperwork, and marketing, and writing, but at least it is a step closer to what I really want to do.
Chocolate is the little treat I allow myself to have when I'm down, because it makes me feel warm and special. Chocolate gives me strength to continue the work I don't want to do...
If you're in NYC, you should try The City Bakery on 18th Street and 5th Ave.
White chocolate chunk, chocolate cookie, and a classic hot chocolate.

Today, I'm counting my blessings, and will not take things for granted. I will try at least.