Saturday, September 1, 2012

Doing my job!

Tuesday, I spent the entire day casting for the new short I'm producing, "Je T'aime, Jean". A script by my friend Kerry Vaughn Miller. It took Kerry, Grace and I, over two weeks of deliberations, to choose the 52 actors who auditioned for us, out of the 2000 submissions we had. All day I was amazed by the amount of talent we were seeing, but now and then... Someone would show up, without a headshot and resume, not really prepared for the role they were auditioning for, and I couldn't help wondering: "What the fudge are they thinking???"
Wednesday, I was at the pharmacy, because my left ear was clogged, and though I explained that to the two women "helping" me, they totally ignored me and directed me in a vague direction in the store. Luckily for me, I can read and found my drops.  Later during the day, I went to the bank to deposit a couple checks, and I knew the clerk always asks me if I want my balance, but not this time... No this time, I wanted my balance, but wasn't asked...
Thursday, I went to an audition for a voice over, and sat for 90 minutes waiting for the casting director to show up. No sign on the door, no one asked me what I wanted, I just waited, and auditioned when she was ready.
That's when I realized, once again, how much we take everything for granted. All these people have jobs they don't like, because "They're so much above it...", and they all want to be a star, being discovered while being unpleasant working at the pharmacy. But my motto is that if you don't like what you do...DON'T DO IT!!! They are ways to make your life better.
In the meantime, while I'm pursuing my career and would rather be acting all day for Spielberg and Scorsese,  I still make my own movies, and I work hours long on paperwork, and marketing, and writing, but at least it is a step closer to what I really want to do.
Chocolate is the little treat I allow myself to have when I'm down, because it makes me feel warm and special. Chocolate gives me strength to continue the work I don't want to do...
If you're in NYC, you should try The City Bakery on 18th Street and 5th Ave.
White chocolate chunk, chocolate cookie, and a classic hot chocolate.

Today, I'm counting my blessings, and will not take things for granted. I will try at least.

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