Tuesday, October 23, 2012

2 shows by David Friedman.

For the past two years, my dear friends Chrissie and Chuck talked to me about David Friedman. A year ago for my birthday, they gave me "The Thought Exchange" book by David Friedman and every week, I subscribe to a newsletter on how to make your life better by applying the "Thought Exchange."
David Friedman is a very talented man, who writes and composes music and songs for many celebrities, and for himself. At the moment, his name is associated with the Broadway show "Scandalous," and the live performance of David Friedman singing at 54 Bellow.
Last Friday evening, I attended the preview show of "Scandalous," and was entertained. Although the show is very educational, it tends to be too much educational. Based on the true story of a famous woman, preaching in the 20's each song is written to tell you more about her journey. The star of the show is onstage the whole time and if this show goes on, the singer will not. The staging abuses the star singer while barely use the great ensemble of dancers/singers.
If you're not into religion, you might be turned off by the whole thing and I'm not really sure what the moral of the play supposed to be. However, being it's still in previews, the show you will see, might be a totally different show, so go and judge for yourself.
Regarding last night performance of David Friedman singing his own songs, the sensations were more honest and intense.
Mister Friedman is a man who knows how to talk to an audience, and throughout his stories and songs, manages to bring out the demons sleeping inside you.
Not my favorite singer in the whole world, but the man can write gorgeous songs. In fact, each song carry a strong message of hope, love and understanding.
His show will be once again at 54 Bellow, next Monday and is the perfect NYC Cabaret experience.
As a singer myself, I felt extremely close to the songs and could picture myself singing them.
All I wish for David Friedman is to have his own Broadway show in the near future, where HE can actually control what goes onstage.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"Sleep No More" - Great show in NYC!

Last night, I had an incredible time. I lived for a few hours with my sensations. 
One of my friend, Benjamin Thys, invited me to the show he's in at the moment. "Sleep No More".
The show is held inside a hotel, and works the "haunted houses" work. As you enter, you surrender your bags and jackets and you are sent on your own along the dark hallways and rooms of the five floor building.
At first, I was held in a bar, set in the 30's, until a group of us, was directed to get inside the elevator. From then on, I was on my own and absolutely adored every second of it. The instructions are simple, you wear your mask the entire time, and you do not talk, even if talked to. Ben, had given me some idea of where to find him throughout the play, and off I went to the main ballroom. There he was, with a few other actors (Not wearing masks, so you know who to watch), dancing around the room.
Me at SLEEP NO MORE . No pictures allowed, so I took one of myself in the bathroom.
Once done with the scene, change of lights and off the actors went about the rest of their duty.
Walking in very theatrical rooms, with smoke and music, is quite perfect to loose yourself in your own thoughts. Just in time, your thinking is interrupted by an actor/dancer performing a new section of the play. Based on Macbeth, even if you don't know the story, you will be bathed and guided through betrayals, lies, love affairs and revenge.
My suggestion is to go on your own, or with someone that understand the concept and will let you experience "Sleep No More", the way it's meant to be.
The mask alone, gives you an anonymity, that will encourage you to be selfish and do and go about your own desire.
Inside the bar, before I was told not to take pictures.
Check it out, and bring friends, as you can always meet every hour in the main bar....If you find it...

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Back in 2006, I was cast in an off-Broadway parody of "A CHorus Line". I was playing Cassie, but sice it was a parody, I was playing Sherry. And that's how my drag character Sherry Cordial was born.
Following the success of that show, I appeared in a yearly fundraiser as Sherry. I wouldn't call myself a Drag Queen, as I do it really once a year for that same event, and it allows me to reconnect with old friends like Conchita, my favorite Latina ever.
Conchita and Sherry Cordial. Oct 2012.
I should say, that the reason I have been doing it, apart from the fact that it's an excellent cause. All the proceeds of the show go to help alcoholics and addicts in recovery. We've been known to raise close to 40 grands in one night... But really the reason I do it, is because I miss performing on stage. Acting in movies is the greatest thing in my life, but the buzz I get from performing live is unique.

Yesterday, was the show, and my number was a mix of things. It began with Maria Callas in "Lakme", going to Cher with "Take me home", cutting to "All that Jazz" from Miss Rivera, a little Cabaret with "Mein Heir", a pinch of Bjork, to honor my dearest Honey LaBronx, and back to Callas, to make sure people know what a Diva Sherry is.... The whole thing was fun to perform, I had three outfits and two wigs...Bit crazy, but very me. This is who I am. I am a complexed performer and always push my limits.
Though performing was extremely fun, and meeting a bunch of new talented and young Drag Queens was equally thrilling, I've decided to not do this show again.
Lots of things can happen, and I might do it again of course, BUT, I feel that I should be performing as a guy. I am talented, I can sing, dance and act, and the stage is my place to be.
Now I have to visualize myself in a Broadway show, singing and dancing as a dude.
As I always say, if you don't do what you love, don't do it.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


You know how people say to single people, like me, to not look for love and it'll hit you at the most unexpected place.... Well, I don't know if it's love, but it was a great date.
Last Saturday night, I was invited by my good friend Maher to a spiritual concert of KrishnaDas.
Mister Das in the red shirt.
I knew the name as I have some of his cds that I use in my dance class, but I had no idea who he was or what he looked like. When we arrived at the place, we were met by two friends of Maher, Joe and Russell. I had met Russell, years ago when we worked with Maher and the Hummingbirds project, but I didn't really remembered Russell.
However, he remembered me and after a few flirtatious words, we touched each others' hand, and back and neck, and we kissed.
The combination of this intense feelings and the music by Mister Das, brought me to a place, I haven't been in years. It was nice to have someone to hold and feel for.
Das, reminds me of a slightly younger and/or in better shape Bruce Springsteen. Nothing I had imagined.
In the past, everytime I went to a spiritual retreat, where someone was chanting, they wore turbans and long beards, but not Das, he is just a regular dude, who sings the most beautiful chants.
At the end of the night, Russell and I kissed strongly...to say goodbye, and decided to see each other again.
That night was full of surprises and I'm looking forward to meet Russell again, even if it's for one night...

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Last weekend, I was working on the set on "Je T'aime, Jean", a short movie written by my friends Kerry and Joshua. In it I was playing a "chanteuse", a guy in drag singing french songs...
Cool role, but that's it, I have to be strong. From now on, unless it's a big role in Hollywood, I won't play drag roles.
In the past few years, I was lucky enough to be in many movies, and aside from playing a woman in Sherry's Kitchen, I never wanted to be associated with the actor who plays girls.
Enough with the tights and heels.
So that's that....
Now on the other hand, Saturday I was in a French movie, CHINESE PUZZLE, with Audrey Tautou and Romain Duris.
On the set of Chinese Puzzle.

My scene was with Romain, and all day I kept thinking, this is awesome and I can do this all day, and every day.
Yesterday I was called for a second day, shooting tomorrow, and from what I was told: "The Director (Cédric Klapish), has handpicked a few of you for a new scene."
Well, whatever that means, it makes me feel good. If anything, It's a paid gig, so I'm happy to make money, but it's truly not why I act.
Acting is my escape. It's me pretending to be someone else, and as I study the characters I play, I gently and slowly understand myself.
I'm ready for more.