Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"Sleep No More" - Great show in NYC!

Last night, I had an incredible time. I lived for a few hours with my sensations. 
One of my friend, Benjamin Thys, invited me to the show he's in at the moment. "Sleep No More".
The show is held inside a hotel, and works the "haunted houses" work. As you enter, you surrender your bags and jackets and you are sent on your own along the dark hallways and rooms of the five floor building.
At first, I was held in a bar, set in the 30's, until a group of us, was directed to get inside the elevator. From then on, I was on my own and absolutely adored every second of it. The instructions are simple, you wear your mask the entire time, and you do not talk, even if talked to. Ben, had given me some idea of where to find him throughout the play, and off I went to the main ballroom. There he was, with a few other actors (Not wearing masks, so you know who to watch), dancing around the room.
Me at SLEEP NO MORE . No pictures allowed, so I took one of myself in the bathroom.
Once done with the scene, change of lights and off the actors went about the rest of their duty.
Walking in very theatrical rooms, with smoke and music, is quite perfect to loose yourself in your own thoughts. Just in time, your thinking is interrupted by an actor/dancer performing a new section of the play. Based on Macbeth, even if you don't know the story, you will be bathed and guided through betrayals, lies, love affairs and revenge.
My suggestion is to go on your own, or with someone that understand the concept and will let you experience "Sleep No More", the way it's meant to be.
The mask alone, gives you an anonymity, that will encourage you to be selfish and do and go about your own desire.
Inside the bar, before I was told not to take pictures.
Check it out, and bring friends, as you can always meet every hour in the main bar....If you find it...

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