Tuesday, October 23, 2012

2 shows by David Friedman.

For the past two years, my dear friends Chrissie and Chuck talked to me about David Friedman. A year ago for my birthday, they gave me "The Thought Exchange" book by David Friedman and every week, I subscribe to a newsletter on how to make your life better by applying the "Thought Exchange."
David Friedman is a very talented man, who writes and composes music and songs for many celebrities, and for himself. At the moment, his name is associated with the Broadway show "Scandalous," and the live performance of David Friedman singing at 54 Bellow.
Last Friday evening, I attended the preview show of "Scandalous," and was entertained. Although the show is very educational, it tends to be too much educational. Based on the true story of a famous woman, preaching in the 20's each song is written to tell you more about her journey. The star of the show is onstage the whole time and if this show goes on, the singer will not. The staging abuses the star singer while barely use the great ensemble of dancers/singers.
If you're not into religion, you might be turned off by the whole thing and I'm not really sure what the moral of the play supposed to be. However, being it's still in previews, the show you will see, might be a totally different show, so go and judge for yourself.
Regarding last night performance of David Friedman singing his own songs, the sensations were more honest and intense.
Mister Friedman is a man who knows how to talk to an audience, and throughout his stories and songs, manages to bring out the demons sleeping inside you.
Not my favorite singer in the whole world, but the man can write gorgeous songs. In fact, each song carry a strong message of hope, love and understanding.
His show will be once again at 54 Bellow, next Monday and is the perfect NYC Cabaret experience.
As a singer myself, I felt extremely close to the songs and could picture myself singing them.
All I wish for David Friedman is to have his own Broadway show in the near future, where HE can actually control what goes onstage.

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