Sunday, October 14, 2012


Back in 2006, I was cast in an off-Broadway parody of "A CHorus Line". I was playing Cassie, but sice it was a parody, I was playing Sherry. And that's how my drag character Sherry Cordial was born.
Following the success of that show, I appeared in a yearly fundraiser as Sherry. I wouldn't call myself a Drag Queen, as I do it really once a year for that same event, and it allows me to reconnect with old friends like Conchita, my favorite Latina ever.
Conchita and Sherry Cordial. Oct 2012.
I should say, that the reason I have been doing it, apart from the fact that it's an excellent cause. All the proceeds of the show go to help alcoholics and addicts in recovery. We've been known to raise close to 40 grands in one night... But really the reason I do it, is because I miss performing on stage. Acting in movies is the greatest thing in my life, but the buzz I get from performing live is unique.

Yesterday, was the show, and my number was a mix of things. It began with Maria Callas in "Lakme", going to Cher with "Take me home", cutting to "All that Jazz" from Miss Rivera, a little Cabaret with "Mein Heir", a pinch of Bjork, to honor my dearest Honey LaBronx, and back to Callas, to make sure people know what a Diva Sherry is.... The whole thing was fun to perform, I had three outfits and two wigs...Bit crazy, but very me. This is who I am. I am a complexed performer and always push my limits.
Though performing was extremely fun, and meeting a bunch of new talented and young Drag Queens was equally thrilling, I've decided to not do this show again.
Lots of things can happen, and I might do it again of course, BUT, I feel that I should be performing as a guy. I am talented, I can sing, dance and act, and the stage is my place to be.
Now I have to visualize myself in a Broadway show, singing and dancing as a dude.
As I always say, if you don't do what you love, don't do it.

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