Monday, September 3, 2012


The word "friend" is misused constantly in our society. Ever since Facebook, I feel that friends are sort of a collection, and out of the over 900 friends I have, only few do I actually talk to and see on a regular basis.
A friend to me, is someone who I can ask anything, and we will figure out the answers together. Someone to get love, and support and criticisms, share moments, precious moments. Every so often, I feel like deleting certain people from my FB profile, but then I realize it wouldn't be nice to do so.
My roommate, Keith.R, is probably my closest friend. He's always supporting me, encouraging me, listening, helping and yet never really complains. It amazes me how generous and patient he is with me. Like this morning, when I told him that I needed him to photograph me in three different outfits for a casting. No problems...

I'm not an easy person to be with, I'm eccentric, exotic and different (I'm told...). At times, I can be needy and there's one thing about me that no one can miss, is that I speak my mind. Sometimes too fast, but I've gotta get it out...
Bill H, is of course another friend. He's also my mentor, teacher and partner in many projects. If it wasn't for Bill encouraging me in my acting, writing and directing, I would have gone back to France in 2007. But because he pushed me and showed me I could act, I'm still around and today I'm the director of a film company (Cloudy Sky Films). Week after week, Bill shows me through his passion for the business, that I can continue to do what I love.
Back in the "Saba Dance Theater" years, I met Lynn N., a dance student of mine, who was also a board member of the company, to eventually become a friend that still encourages me every week, takes my dance classes, and even assists me in every project I create with Cloudy Sky Films.
For the past two years, since I created the company, and made "Sherry's Kitchen", two persons became very close to me. More like cousins then parents, Chrissie and Chuck, are a very strong presence in my life. I know that I can present anything to them, and they will be game.
It's interesting, to know that any of these people, would jump out of bed to help me at any time of the day or night. They've grown to fill a huge space in my heart.
In addition to these friends, I have another dozen, that I love and feel strongly about, but over all, most of the people I know are more contacts than friends. I wish Facebook would change the word friend with "Contact", because I can tell you that some of the friends I have on FB, don't even know my phone number, where I live, what I like, and what I really look like.
Once again, I want to count my blessings and thank these people, who on a daily basis are encouraging me, loving me, pushing me and going with me along my crazy journey.
Thank you my friends.
Merci mes amis.

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