Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Password in my will?

2012, is for sure a year of technology for me, from the iPhone, to iPad, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and all the other social networks. Nowadays everyone ask me to log in, create a page and BAM! It's a new password. Of course I could do like an old friend of mine and use the same password for every site, but I guess I'm a bit paranoid and have managed to create new passwords for almost everything.
Now I have my cheat list at home, just in case I don't remember one, and even if I gave it to you, there's now way you could find the relationship. For example, let's say the password is BALEINESEAGUL44. I would write as a hint PinnocchioBird88...
Don't ask me why! Call me twisted, that's how my mind works.

The thing is this, I think I'm gonna die every single day of my life, it's not a dark thing, it's just a carpe diem type of thing. So I was thinking, what will happen to all these pages and profiles I have everywhere? Who's gonna delete them, or at least say that I'm dead? Shall I put a list of my passwords in my will?
I think, one of you who reads this and who's looking to make some money, should create
It would be a site where, you record all your login names and passwords, in a coded system, that could only be released once the family provides a death certificate. That way, you could choose someone to delete all your pages and things you don't want to leave on the internet forever. Like this blog for example.
Well, that's it for today, like me on facebook, follow me on twitter, share me on pinterest, and subscribe to my blog...This blog...Are you still reading?

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