Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tea and a show!

Today I traveled the world from China to France, and from New York City to Beirut!
My friend, Kerry Vaughn Miller, invited me to the Premiere of a show she's been directing for the past few weeks (From September 12th to the 29th). "Beirut", written by Alan Bowne, is a play about the AIDS epidemic at its early stage. When people didn't know how to handle it, both physically and mentally. No one knew how one could contract the virus, and how fast it would take over.
Luckily in the play, nothing is visually disgusting about it, and in fact, the show is a relief to the eyes. Both actors, Lynn Sher (Blue), and Esteban Benito (Torch), spend most of their time in their underwear attached to one another. The opening of the show was quite beautiful, as together with Torch, we slowly discover the small stage meant to represent a quarantine bedroom. Even though the writing is quite heavy at times, the two lead actors managed to carry the characters in a believable performance. Not sure about the accents they used, but I got used to them after a while. 
One thing you can do to help, if you can't attend any of the shows in the next two weeks, you may vote for them at and choose Beirut.
Before the show, I spent a few hours enjoying a "Dragon Pearl Jasmine Tea" from "Physical GraffiTea".
 Ilana, the owner and tea mistress, will tell you all about her teas and what should be used when and for what. The Dragon Pearl and I go way back when 10 years ago I discovered it at the headquarters of Harney and Sons in CT.
 Okay, it's a tiny place on 8th Street between 1st and Avenue A, and can seat up to 10 persons I think, but as you go see my friends show next door, a cup of tea is a must.

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