Sunday, September 23, 2012


This morning, as I walked out of Acupuncture, I looked up and reminded myself how lucky I am to be in New York City...
As a child, raised in the South of France, New York was first and foremost "King Kong", and Woody Allen's "Manhattan". Heavy flows of cars and people, licking the grey feet of the tallest skyscrapers of the world.
The Ansonia, on the upper West side.
But after over 16 years in NYC, rare are the times where I actually look up and admire the elaborate and ambitious architecture.
When I go to Paris, I know I will find the same city I was in, 10 years ago. Even new constructions in France must be approved and follow a list of regulations that will discourage even the most creative architect. You need a permit to repaint your own door, to ensure you choose the color that matches your neighbor's house.
Here in NYC, no such things occur. Is it good? Or, is it bad? Not my place to say, but I can say that if NYC is so amazingly eclectic, it comes from the fact that everyone can do what they want.
You can have lunch inside a landmark building, while looking at a glass made building across the street. But that's what makes New York City so rich, and that's why we should look up and around us. Walk about the streets and see something new everyday.
If you don't do what you love, don't do it.

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