Thursday, December 20, 2012

Digital Age.

Born in the 70's, I have very few pictures of me as a child, yet I have three full albums of pictures. Back then, if you own a camera, it was made of metal, big, and often didn't have a flash.
Later, the Polaroid camera became more affordable and it came with its disposable flashes. I used to think they looked so cool.
Unfortunately, the polaroid pictures didn't look as good, and over time lost their colors. But I'm gad to have some of them, even though they turned a yellow brownish color.
Jumping ahead, we reached the digital era, fairly recently, and now a day, most people don't even own a good camera, since we can use our phones and tablets to capture, and we upload them instantly to facebook, twitter and instagram.
The last time I printed a picture I took, was about 10 years ago, when a brand new website was offering to print any digital pictures for free. Yet, I've taken thousands of pictures. Between my dance company, and my film production company, I have a ridiculous amount of digital pictures, copied five times, in five separate hard drives, just in case.
I figured blonde might be more scary for the aliens...

Recently, I realized, that if we ever lose power, and technology, the only pictures I have will be a few head-shots, and all my childhood pictures. There's something sad about that. What if???
Books are becoming digital, songs are downloaded, and all this lives in a virtual word of social networks.
Since tomorrow is the end of the world, and I'm planning to survive it (I'll be hiding all day behind the curtain of my living room, it seems the safest place to be when aliens come back to kill us all, They'll never find me there...), I am considering spending a little money to print a bunch of beautiful pictures representing my life, my friends and my loves. Making the facebook timeline, in a physical state.
Well, this might be the last blog I write, since it's for sure the end of the world tomorrow. By the way, does anyone know if the Mayans, had a specific time for it? I'd like to sleep a little longer tomorrow, since it's my day off.

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