Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2013 here I come!

2012 is over, and we survived the end of the world, hurricane Sandy, the elections and a bunch of terrible movies. Apart from a cold, I even escaped the flu...
January is always an interesting month for me, as of December 21st, the Winter solstice, the days are getting longer. The few more minutes of light we get everyday, really make me feel good. I love the fact that I wake up early and watch the sun rise every morning while doing Yoga and meditation. And since I'm a night person, I love that it gets dark by 6ish.
January 1st is always a special day of meditation for me. Where most take resolutions that they'll brake within weeks, I, for the past ten years, sit in front of a big erasing board and write my goals for the year.
The way to do it, is simple. You take a piece of paper, and on the top of it, write GOALS 2013.
Then you need to think of the things you want. For example, become famous, be rich, healthy, happy, travel, find a lover, buy a new pair of crazy expensive boots, have diner at "Le Cirque" in New York City...
The hard part, is doing it, with the belief, you can get what you want. The secret, is to want it, to know you'll get it, but you don't have to know how...
This is the most important part of it, if you want to be famous, most likely you're already some kind of artist, or doing something in your life that can get you famous, so all you have to do, is continue what you do, and believe you will be famous this year. Knowing how, would not help, it would only stress you out. Just believe it'll happen.
                                     Saba - Photo by Lois Greenfield©2005                                  Just jump, the landing will happen for sure   .
Every year, I do it, and every year the list grows to more goals, and on average 70% of my goals are achieved.
One advice, is to be precise. The universe (Or God as you know it) is listening, and sending you what you want. There's no limit to what you can ask.
One more thing... The list must be in a place you can and will read everyday. The goal list is a reminder of what you want, so read it and visualize the goals.
On my second year I switched from a piece of paper to an erasing white board and I added, magnets and things that I like, sort of a temple of my life.
So try it, have fun with it, the year is young and belive that all your goals can happen.
Peace and love to all.

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