Tuesday, September 17, 2013


For the past few years, every time I came to France for "Vacation," I ended up working all day sorting things in my father's house and working with lawyers and such official people, resulting on a return to the States, totally exhausted and depressed. But this time...It's different.
I arrived in France September 5th, and though I did have a few meetings with officials, I didn't tell many people I was here, and therefore have been having a great time.
I'm staying half in Antibes at my old friend and professor of University, and the other half in Biot, at dear friends of mine.
Since April, I have been talking to a friend in Nice, about going to Italy and returning to my favorite city in the world, "Florence" (Firenze... I know, but...).
Saba and Freddo on the Duomo in Florence, Italy - 2013
So last Friday morning, Freddo and I left by car at 4AM, from Nice, in the French Riviera, and we drove a short 8 hours to Rome in Italy, and arrived around noon, perfect time to get our first Italian lunch. When in Italy, one must eat pasta and pizza, nothing else. Well, unless you're a carnivorus, in that case you must eat Italian meat and cold cuts.
My four days trip = 900 miles by car. I loved it!

One reason for me to return to Rome after many years, was that I always refused to visit the Vatican and give money to an already overly rich group of people, but my need to see the Sistine Chapel, took over my stubbornness, and after a speed walking through the museum, Freddo and I arrived in the chapel.
Within seconds, my brain changed its settings, and the hundreds of tourists around me, Freddo included, disappeared, to allow me to dive and swim along the paintings covering ceiling and walls alike. Here I was imagining the long, lonely hours, Michelangelo spent painting the ceiling, deprived of reason, good lighting and company. The voice on a microphone, yelling "Silence" took me out of my thoughts, but I still spent a long hour admiring the chapel.
Rome was also the Coliseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Piazza Navona and many more incredible buildings and monuments around this incredible city.
Sunday morning, departure at 8AM, direction Florence. By 10.30AM, we were dropping our bags to our Pension, and left to our first coffee. I always drink too much coffee when in Italy and France, because they really know how to make it.
My absolute favorite place in the city, is the Fontana del Porcellino, a bronze statue of a boar, spitting a thin amount of water.
Saba at the Fontana Del Porcellino - Florence, Italy - 2013
Lunch was at the Porcellino restaurant for an authentic pasta dish.
Upon arrival, I found a jewelry store, selling beautiful rings of animal heads and other fancy designs. Finding one with a pirate skull in silver, I married Florence in an instant. (Florence was the name of the first girl I kissed, the French way...).
Between Sunday and Monday, Freddo and I visited the Acadamia with the authentic David, the Duomo of the cathedral, the Campanile (Bell tower), the Ponte Vecchio, and a long list of tiny streets and place around town.
Saba in front of the Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy - 2013
As we were about to leave, we returned to the jewelry store where I bought my skull ring to meet the owner and creator (Patrick Wandaël, French man living in Florence for the past 35 years), what a great man. Though we went there for a quick hello and goodbye, we spent over an hour and a half talking about jewels, art, dance, olive trees, Florence, France, America, life the way it should be. Eventually we said goodbye, and though I was tempted to purchase at least another few rings, I didn't as I promised to return just for that.
While entering our new direction to the GPS, someone knocked on my window, and here was Patrick holding a ring representing the Porcellino Fountain, telling me that now, I would have a great way to remember Florence.
Saba's rings from Patrick Wandaël Design, Florence, Italy
I was already in love with the fountain and the city, but now it's official, I'm married to it.
Thank you Patrick, for being such an extraordinary man, who follows his heart, and lives his life the way everyone should.
I am back in Antibes now, and during my morning walk at the beach this morning, I was going over my own life, and decided that I, too, should live my life the way I want it to be lived.
Thanks for reading and remember to live well.

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  1. AMAZING!! Such a wonderful tale to be told!!! Hugz!! :-) <3 Love you and still miss you!!