Friday, September 6, 2013


I can't believe it's already September...I am sitting in my friend's living room in Antibes, South of France, French Riviera to be more precise, and I'm enjoying a nice little vacation.
Arrived Wednesday morning, and I will return to NYC on the 25th, it's time for me to slow down and relax a bit.
For the past four years, since my father passed away, every time I came back to France, I always had some paperwork, and unpleasant things to do at the house, such as throwing away things that belonged to my dad. But this time, I'm here without any agenda, and will go along with what life will bring me.
Yesterday, I drove with 3 friends to Bordighera in Italy, just to have lunch... Best lunch ever, Italians know their food.
Saba in Bordighera, Italy.
When I returned to Antibes, I picked tomatoes and eggplants that are cooking as I write, and will be eaten tonight.
This morning, I went for my first morning walk at the beach. Totally empty, it was myself and maybe ten people spread over 2 miles. FABULOUS!!!
Saba in Antibes, France.
The only other plan I have, is to drive to Florence and Rome, next weekend.
It's so strange to not have to refer to my calendar every hour, and to just take the time needed to live a good life. I need to do this more when I'm in NYC. Gotta go eat soon.
Have a good day, and remember that you are beautiful.
Saba's feet, getting wet.

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  1. So beautiful there and so glad you are having a wonderful and relaxing time!! You deserve it so much!! Hugz!! :-) <3