Sunday, August 5, 2012

Abuse or Responsibilities 2...

Friday afternoon, I received a phone call at 2.05pm to tell me the bike was ready. I was thrilled and after seeing my beautiful bike all clean and fresh, I forgot the troubles of the week.
For my anniversary, my good friend Christine L. gave me a Best Buy card so I could buy  a movie that I would like.
This week, at BB, if you return your dvds you get a $5 coupon towards a Blueray 9.99 and up. $4.99 a Blueray, I'm game.
So, after picking up the bike I went to BB, returned 5 DVDs, got my coupons and bought 6 Bluerays for $40, which was covered by the gift card. (Well half of it...Still $20 for 6 Bluerays is pretty good...).
When time came to pay, this blonde bimbo, was at the cash register, waving at me to go to her. I went, and here she was nose on her iphone texting while "serving" me. After feeling totally ignored, I decided to speak up and asked her why she looked so miserable and upset.
Her answer was that she had no choice, because she has to pay her student loan. Honey, do you think I grow money on my window seal? I told her that though she had to work at BB, she could at least be nice to a smiling stud like me... That's not what I said, I said she could be a little nicer and shouldn't treat me like shit because of her student loan. I also told her she made her day much longer by staying in this misery mode. I left wishing her good luck and a great rest of the day.
I believe we choose to be and feel miserable. Just snap out of it. Get a life, eat chocolate and be nice.
Here I was thrilled to get 6 new Bluerays and this bimbo ruined it for half a minute, yes half a minute of my day was darkened by her misery. But I recover fast. I crossed the misery ocean for years, and though I was pushed in it by a bunch of unpleasant people, I realized that only I, had the power to get out of it. So today I'm wishing best of luck to the bimbo and the other unpleasant people in fact, and hope next time she'll remember to smile.
If you don't know if you're smiling, stop doing what you're doing, think of someone you know farting, and let it happen.
Love. Saba.

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