Friday, August 3, 2012

Abuse or responsibilities?

Since the 90's I've been a biker and rode various motorcycles. In 2010 I got a red and black Harley Davidson Road King that I adore and use all year long to go about with my life.
Monday, I brought the bike for its 25,000 miles service, and a few modifications. Because the changes were major in the bike, I got three different quote from my local dealer. Every answer was, "Yeah! No problem! We can do it".
On the first day, they call me to tell me that half the things were not doable, and that in addition to everything, the back tire had to be changed. When I asked what would happen if I didn't change it, they said the warranty would be waved. So! Add the tire.
On the second day, the belt and rotating disks, had to be changed and not under warranty. I went to the garage. They showed me, I had a mini fit, and said they would see...
On the third day, the belt and disks were gonna be taking care of by the warranty, but the heated grip I chose didn't fit the application? Whatever that meant, they told they had a pair that fit the application, and though I didn't like it one bit, I settled to get my bike back.
That same day the young employee calls me to tell me that the bike wouldn't be ready in time that day. At this point I express my frustration, how I feel abused by all these men and that I most likely will never return there after it's done.
Same day, one hour later, the big boss calls me with apologies and tells me he gonna order the hand grips I originally wanted. What happen to the application thing they told me, I'll never know.
On the fourth day, silence...
On the fifth day, I call at 10AM and am told to call back at Noon for more info.
Noon the same day, I'm told by another person, the bike is being washed and they will call me when ready.
Now, am I imagining the bullshit or what?
I am a very patient and trusting person, but don't mess with my patience too much, 'cause I'm a Scorpio, and when I get mad, it's not fun to be around.
It's now 1.30pm and I'm gonna go there, after I visit a friend near by and they better be ready for me, because at this point I doubt their behavior was based on responsibility, but more on abuse of their power. More to come soon.

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