Saturday, August 11, 2012

My trip - DAY 1

Yesterday I left Trenton (NJ), at 10 AM and planned to arrive in Readsboro (VT) by 3PM...Well, I arrived at 5.30PM. Two minutes after saying goodbye to my roommate, I had to stop on the side of the road to put my rain gear on. Once totally covered, I got on the motorcycle and went on. Just as if the weather was waiting on me to be ready, it began to rain like crazy, and from then on I felt like I was driving my bike through a car wash the entire time.
I stopped for a break after 3 hours, and really enjoy that warm green tea and chocolate muffin, as though I was wearing my gear, water found a way to get through it and I was cold as hell (Well that's a funny expression...).
When you drive a motorcycle, time is different and you are very lonely, but for me it's always the perfect time to think and create.
Part of the trip, I couldn't help thinking that for the past three years, the rain has been quite intense. We spend weeks without water, but when it rains, it's never a gentle earth healthy rain, it's thunder-storms...What happened to a gentle rainy day, where the rain is absorbed by the ground? I just hope we get to be back to the way it was.
In any case, I arrived in Vermont, we lit a beautiful fire and I was able to partially dry my clothes and get warm.
Few days here will be a great way to enjoy the country side and work on my new script.
Stay dry and smile.

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  1. Rain is very soul cleansing if you think about it that way,and also the angels did'nt want you to dirty up your new clean bike so they were trying to clear a path for You???Lol,Love Wendy <3