Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My trip - Day 5

As promised, today I actually worked a lot. I wrote five blogs for the company I work for since February, LULUDI Living Frames, and was happy to do that.
I actually spent about 3 hours casting my vote on a new project I'm co-producing, JE T'AIME, JEAN. We are casting 11 roles, and had over 1900 submissions so far. It was tough to choose, but a pre-selection has been done and now we'll actually meet the actors on the 28th of August, in New York City.
PLEASE remember, I am not the casting director, so no phone calls and no personal emails. You may submit through actors access and write a note that you know me or worked with me, or that you like chocolate....Whatever you feel will help your case.

For lunch, I had sauteed young potatoes, freshly dug from my friend's garden. I went Julia Child crazy and used a lot of butter, but I'm french after all, so it's okay. It was delicious, with a fresh egg on top. Amazing.

In Joe's garden.
After lunch, I finally got around my new script A LAST SUPPER. It's taking me a long time to write, because, though it is technically a fiction, and will be played by actors, I'm using reel information and statistics of our time. My researches for this began last year, and I've been really working hard. After ABOUT A WEEK was done, I wanted to write this, but someone inspired me to write SNOW, and off we went. A LAST SUPPER is meant to be a feature about all the taboos, I have encountered in my life and had to fight for. Being gay, fetish, racism, aliens, god, guns, money...All the things people should never talk about around a table.
It is a fun script to write and I can hardly wait to have my first table read.
Working hard on my laptop.
Now, I'm about to stop working and help fix the birthday dinner for my friend Joe Eck, and off to bed.
Tomorrow, I'll be leaving at 2PM for Williamsport, PA.
Til next time, stay happy, plant trees and drink water.

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  1. Have a Wonderful Day!! <3 Cant wait to read your works!!! :D