Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Trip - Day 7

Yesterday was day 6 of my trip, and I spent most of the day on the road. It was actually an incredible ride on Interstate 88. Very little traffic and a beautiful scenery.

I arrived in Williamsport around 8PM and had a light diner with my friends.
This morning, up at 7AM to go Monarch caterpillars hunting. We found a good dozen and it was really cute to do.
Butterfly Heaven

Following Butterfly Heaven, we went horse riding. My horse was a beautiful male, very dark brown and named Whiskey... At first the ride was a little weird, but soon we ended up in the woods and following a small river. Eventually we crossed the river and came back. One hour on the horse and I loved it, I felt like a real cowboy. :-)

I could never own one, but boy do I love horses.
After that we went to the local Harley Davidson, where my friend Theresa treated me with a t-shirt. Always need more t-shirts.
For dinner I taught them to make a great mac and cheese recipe, that I got from my friend Joe and slightly changed it.
Everyone loved it, and we finished with a peach and pecan ice cream.
Tomorrow I'm riding to Cleveland and leaving in the morning.
It was fun to see my friends. I usually come here to teach a dance workshop in May, and am always working. Doing something like today was really spending quality time and I'm gonna do this more often. Hopefully, I will share all this with a gorgeous boyfriend of mine very soon...
Going to bed now. I'm gonna dream of my horse ride and imagine I'm in a Clint Eastwood's movie.
Sweet dreams.

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  1. Awwww!!! Hope you had sweet dreams!!! and someday soon I hope you will meet your true love!! I love love stories!!! <3