Saturday, August 18, 2012

My trip - Day 8

It's Friday morning, and I entered the new destination in the GPS. Hudson, Ohio from Williamsport, PA. After I go for a few miles, and finally get on a road, worthy of the name, my GPS tells me "Make a turn in 181 miles...". This is the kind of directions that makes me laugh. Or when the GPS says, in 1/4 of a mile, turn left...Who on this planet can tell me what a quarter of a mile is...
It took me a few hours to get to my hotel and I like my little room with a king size bed. As I called my friend Keith, he told me I had received a letter from a Festival, with the mention WINNER on the envelope. And YES! I won the Award of Merit in a Leading Role for my interpretation of "Rye" in "About A Week". This is the second award we win for this movie.
At 6PM the Indie Gathering Film Festival began and I watched movies until 11.30PM. I was too tired to watch the last one.
Tomorrow, Saturday, I am a judge in the acting competition and have a long day. Really looking forward to meet wonderful people.
The producer of the festival, are really nice, and it's refreshing to meet people who smile.
So in doubt, exhale and SMILE!

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I just know you will be FAMOUS on of these days!!! :D