Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dating in NYC!!!

On Wednesday, last week, I had a date with a a guy I met online. For a few YEARS now, I've had a profile on a dating website, and been meeting potential partners...Not very successful, I must admit, except for the one boyfriend I met in January 2006 and stayed with for 9 months.

Anyway, for two weeks, while on my trip, I emailed back and forth with John (Not his real name, but who cares anyway...). John and I had everything in common and seemed like we could have been soul-mates. So, Wednesday we met for dinner, and after a long conversation, John said, that maybe, all that would come out of this meeting would be a friendship. At first I thought, sure! Why not? But a few hours later, I thought, NO WAY! I wasn't looking for another Facebook friend that ignores me after a week. I replied to John that I rather nip it, and wished him good luck. I joined this dating website to find a lover, and I will.
The next day, after working with Bill Hopkins again, I decided to go to a Leather Bar that is only two blocks from Bill's studio. I don't have to say the name as there's really only leather bar left in NYC.
I arrived around 10.30PM and really thought I was gonna leave ASAP. But, something told me to hang out, and I did. Around Midnight, some cute people showed up, and that was entertaining, good for the eyes...
Soon enough, a guy approached me and was ready to do anything for me, but not into him, told him I wasn't sure what I was looking for. Luckily, an almost naked man was walking about, and who but my ex-boyfriend, smiling around. It was nice to chat with him, and he actually introduced me to a cutie, but nothing happened that night.
Mainly because, I don't have a place to host, so I'm looking for a date, and not a one night thing.
The last time I was in a leather bar was in 2004, and I hated it. I look at all these men, and know we all hope to find some love, yet, we're too embarrassed to admit it, and we end up looking at each other and hope the other one will talk first. Man that sucks.
I will return, and talk first. I must get out of my comfort zone.

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  1. I know you will find love but you may be looking too hard!! My dream since a little girl was to find true love and I also was looking too hard,overlooking to be exact....Gosh what a road I have traveled looking back!! I have been with my husband for 7 years now and we were friends for 4 years before that (my longest relationship) they would always bottom out around the 4 year mark. Anywho,what I have learned on my lifes path is that friendship first is the key to being happy!! With friends you are yourself,you are relaxed and you are honest!!! and they already know your good and bad,because everyone,and I dont care who but everyone thinks they have to impress at first!! and then as time goes on the actual truth comes out and then follows the heartbreak!! You are such a wonderful,caring,spiritual ,amazing person!! Just dont look too hard for love and lose sight of will find you as long as you stay you....just a thought!! :)