Monday, August 13, 2012

My trip - Day 4

Today was a mini trip on the motorcycle, so my friend Joe Eck could visit old memories. We left in the morning around 10AM to go to "Swanzey, NH". We went to the Harley Davidson store, where I bought a t-shirt for my friend Christine L.
For lunch, we went to Harrisville and ate at the general store. With the view of the old town (1830's).
The ride continued to "Nelson, NH" to see May Sarton's house (Author of Plant, Dreaming Deep). That's when I saw the row of mailboxes and couldn't resist to take a picture in front of it, with my beautiful Road King....
The weather was a delight and I was almost cold in fact.
On the way back we stopped at a panorama and enjoyed the multiple clouds over the immense view.
Now I'm back to my friend's house and I'm cooking dinner for Joe and Martha. A good movie tonight and a nice night of rest.
I am enjoying my time and must put myself to work on my script.

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  1. Thanks for the pictures!!! :D and hope that you may have a wonderful rest filled,peaceful evening!! Hugz!! <3