Sunday, August 19, 2012

My trip - Day 10

What a great day. Last day of the Indie Gathering Film Festival in Hudson, Ohio. I started the day with a two hour workshop on DP work and the new Panasonic GH2 camera. Learned a bunch of helpful things to experiment with it.
After that, my hot moment was a lecture on Special FX with Robert Kurtzman, Beki Ingram and Alan Tuskes. I asked so many questions, that half way through, I felt like being the host of a TV show. They were very awesome, as I loved seeing their passion while explaining how they got into make-up and movies.
After another conversation with Beki and Robert after the lecture, the award ceremony began.
It was fast enough that no one fell asleep and one cool moment was when Robert Z'Dar proposed to his fiancee, and didn't even wait for the answer. She eventually told him yes. Very cute moment. 
Both Robert Z'Dar and Robert Kurtzman received an Hall of fame Award. Cool dudes.
After the festival ended, Glessna and Edmond Coisson, producers of the Naperville Film Festival, invited me to dinner. Great conversation on film making and festivals, soon joined by Brad Leo Lyon, a great producer/actor.
Brad Leo Lyon, Robert Z'Dar wife to be, Saba
We went to the restaurant around 6 and left at 11PM. All that time talking about films and projects, and personal experiences. This was a fun weekend to have. I look forward to meet them all again and work with them all.
Edmond said, "It's never too late to be, who you could have been", it's really true, and I will go to bed with that in mind.

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