Monday, August 27, 2012

A Sunday celebration.

After teaching my dance class on Sunday afternoon, I was supposed to meet my friends Chissie and Chuck to go to a cabaret show, but I had a three hours gap. While waiting for them, I sat at "Patisserie Claude" in the west village and enjoyed a "Mille-Feuilles" (Napolean) and a chocolate eclair...Pure decadence, but good for the soul.
I worked on my script for two hours and time went by like eating chocolate. Very fast...
At 6PM I met my friends at THE DUPLEX, and we chatted while waiting for the show to begin.
To my great surprise, a larger then life drag queen showed up on stage, after being introduced as Rev.Yolanda.
Her repertoire, was stunningly funny and profound at the same time. From Gospel classic like "Let it shine" to her own compositions, Rev. Yolanda sustain joy and hope throughout her show. She brought tears with her song, when the chorus was sang (We're angels struggling as human).
Her shows will resume in the fall, and I highly recommend you to go.
Meeting the man behind Yolanda, was equally moving, as Rev. Yolanda is not far from Roger Anthony Mapes. It takes a sensitive and honest person to play one onstage, and Yolanda is all that.
Thanks Chrissie and Chuck for letting me know about this beautiful performer.

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  1. Thank you so very much Saba! It was such a pleasure meeting you!
    Rev. Roger Yolanda